Gloyo - Why we exist?

Beauty is from within! Our happy heart, fit body, peaceful mind, healthy skin, vivacious smile all add up to our beauty. In India we always have defined Beauty as reflection of our internal self.

Gone are those days when life used to be simple and needs simpler. Today, we all are running against time, chasing our dreams. We have no choice but to get exposed to dirty polluted air, travel like crazy within the city or outstation, push ourselves hard in achieving targets, burn midnight oil even to ensure our kids secure the best marks! Amidst this maddening rush the concept of beauty is slowly getting lost. We are unable to appreciate our nourished skin that shines when happy and reddens when shy! These days we are happy hiding our dark circles, pimples, dried dull skin under the best concealers!

No! Let’s no more prioritize ourselves at last! Let’s not forget to love, pamper and pat us! If it is time you are fighting to juggle, you now have GLOYO, Your Salon Services at home
We at GLOYO have committed us to reverse the clock for YOU! At your time, at your place, at your convenience!  GLOYO aims to make you happy while you look at yourself in mirror and in your loved ones eyes ! And we want to make it simple. Call GLOYO experts for any beauty or wellness services at your own cocoon and just handover yourself to them! GLOYO Experts will bring everything needed for delivering the services, understand your needs, consult you if you have any problem and try to bring a smile on your face!
At GLOYO  “Beauty is Re-Defined & Home Delivered”.  We are always FOR YOU. AT YOURS.

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Suanjana Biswas

Founder & CEO

Shubham Agrawal

Head - Marketing & Operations